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Happy Graduation Day to these two! 4 years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance deserves to be celebrated! Creight and Hannah, I’m so proud of you both! As one chapter closes, another one awaits. So excited for you both as you start your journey in Charlotte, North Carolina! You both have a lot to be proud of and I can’t wait to see what memories unfold in the future for you two! Love you both to pieces and sending many hugs today. GO BIG RED!!

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I'd like to thank my family and friends that have supported me through my time as a Husker. Their encouragement helped me grow as an individual and overcome new challenges. It wouldn't have been possible without them. Thank you.

Elijah Elmshaeuser, College of Engineering
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To the UNL Class of 2020! To know you is to know the true meaning of “bittersweet…” Bitter to have you leave us this way, without a proper send off. So sweet to see who you are and what you have become. Congratulations to each and every one of you! 

Gina Matkin, Professor of Leadership, ALEC, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

The education received at Nebraska has not come without sacrifice or dedication, but it does come with a world of opportunity.  It sets me up for lifelong success and is a major accomplishment on what I hope is a bright road ahead.

Hannah Schafers, College of Architecture
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UNL Class of 2020! I am so grateful for the opportunity that you have given us to be part of your educational journey. I am confident that the experiences that you have had will be a catalyst for each of you, successfully propelling you into the next phase of your journey! Congratulations!

Thomas Burkey, Professor, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Finally, I graduate from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. “When you move away, Nebraska is always with you.”

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Morning picnic to celebrate Shelby graduating from the University of Nebraska. Those 4 years flew by fast, so proud of you! Excited for you to hit the next stage of your life! Love you kiddo! #gobiggrad

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Congrats 2020 Husker Grads!! Cool to be a part of this experience and big day for more than 3,700 students. #gobiggrad #gobigred #B1G #huskers #nebraska #nebraskabiz

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One of the best decisions I made at the university was to audition for the Cornhusker Marching Band, and I was fortunate to spend five seasons in the ensemble. I got to know so many people I wouldn't have met otherwise, and I experienced a lot of personal growth as a leader and a team collaborator.

Miranda Finn, College of Fine & Performing Arts

@caitlynjo23 thanks for taking my pics @maddieleigh98 thanks for making me laugh with tik tok references @unlincoln thanks for passing me!

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“We'll all stick together in all kinds of weather for dear old Nebraska U”
* 4 short years * 3 minors * 2 emphases * 1 degree *
I’m so very thankful for all of the help and support I’ve had along the way. Onto the next adventure!
#GoBigGrad #GoBigRed

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This pretty much sums up my college experience I DID IT!! #gobiggrad

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Happy luck led me to a job with East Campus Student Involvement. While working there I established a great connection with my advisor Reshell Ray. She challenged me and always supported me, especially as I applied to grad schools. While working at Student Involvement I not only learned about implementing programs but also about myself.

Joelly Anderson, College of Education and Human Sciences

Name a better Mother’s Day present.. #mom #gobiggrad

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The feeling of passing my thesis defense yesterday is absolutely indescribable! It’s crazy to think I have been working toward this for the past two years. The journey was very different than I had initially expected. My advisor moved to another country and we worked via distance for the last year. And I never imagined I would end up defending at 37 weeks pregnant during a global pandemic. As strange as it sounds, I still think I was blessed with the best possible situation. I had the most amazing support team. I am so grateful for my committee members and advisors in helping me to complete my paper. They were incredibly supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work closely with them and learn from them. And my wonderful husband @robertvencil There is no way I would have completed this thesis without your love, sacrifice, and support. You deserve way more recognition, my love #besthusbandever #lovehimsomuch

I am so proud to add these letters behind my name. They symbolize way more than I had ever previously considered. You can all now call me Master Nicole. That’s how it works, right?

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