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Starting the day hooding three new ⁦@NebraskaEDADHusker Scholars. Congrats to Drs. Mumm, ⁦@MsBruce_AP & ⁦@OPS_DrYang. Great futures ahead for these #Nebraska school leaders. #LeadBigRed #GoBigGrad

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Here’s the big secret, which isn’t so secret. You will get farther in life and get there quicker because you’re from Nebraska. I kid you not. We Nebraskans come armed with tools for success, and other Nebraskans know it. (A Nebraskan is) someone who’s honest, a straight shooter, on time, has a good work ethic, a sense of humor, knows what a Runza is and is generally pleasant to be around.

Alexander Payne, Oscar-winning filmmaker

For me, the secret was to keep Nebraska close, no matter where I happened to be. The idea of Nebraska - the collection of values and principles that are common to the Nebraska experience - has always kept me grounded.

Jeffrey S. Raikes, Co-founder of the Raikes Foundation

You are not expected to heal the world, but neither are you allowed to abstain from helping when you can. Only your dreams will set your boundaries. I challenge you to be daring. Know yourself and be true to your inner voice.

Barbara Hendricks, Operatic Soprano and Concert Singer

Congrats Dawson!#gobiggrad

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Every person in this state, and graduates in Nebraska, can dream big. Set your goals high.

John Cook, Head coach of the 4-time National Champion Husker Volleyball team

You will be the reminder of the persistence of the soul and conscience of our time by the mere act of being engaged, being willing to ask questions, being open to breaking with the sway of the world, in finding out truth for yourself.

Kwame Dawes, Chancellor's Professor of English and Glenna Luschei Editor of Prairie Schooner

I can say confidently that whatever your story, you won the lottery because you are here, like me, about to become a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Whatever the path that brought you here, you have proven you have the talent, skill, education and opportunities to be successful.

Harvey Perlman, Harvey and Susan Perlman Alumni Professor of Law and 19th Chancellor of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

At @Zamaniehsan1991 from @UNL_ChemEng’s commencement ceremony! 2nd PhD from my group and I’m so proud of you, Ehsan!
@UNLincoln @UNLresearch @NebEngineering @NebraskaEPSCoR

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#DrC_OC graduation day! Back stage at Pinnacle Arena. Some of my fellow Deans found their comfort zone.

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