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Congrats to all the new alumni! #GoBigGrad

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Getting excited... thank you @UNLincoln for this special delivery to your upcoming graduates! #GoBigGrad

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Congratulations, graduates! Seeing well prepared, passionate students graduate and pursue their dreams is as good as it gets. Thanks for all you’ve brought to UNL and the impact you’ll make with what’s next. The world needs you and you’re ready! #GoBigGrad

Nick Pace, Professor & Department Chair, College of Education and Human Science

I did the dang thing! Thanks @unlincoln, @nebraskabiz, @nebraskadeltagamma and all my friends and family for all the support.
Go Big Red! #gobiggrad

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My favorite thing about Nebraska has been the culture. Being from out of state, it was important for me to find a school where I felt at home, and Nebraska has been a perfect fit for me the past 4 years. I have felt welcome in Nebraska ever since my first visit in high school. UNL was an ideal fit for me because it has the opportunities of a big school but it is small enough where you see familiar faces across campus every day. Between the great academics, the culture, and the fun sports atmosphere, it was a no-brainer for me and I'm so glad I chose Nebraska.

Tina Blaser, College of Business
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At Nebraska, I found myself and who I was outside of the comfort of my home town. Graduating from Nebraska shows my growth into a more mature being. As i look to the future and move away from Nebraska, the past four years will always have a special place in my life. 

Palmer Fulton, College of Public Affairs and Community Service
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Graduation is a bittersweet conclusion to the last four years of college. It brings the end of probably the best years of my life thus far but also, it signifies the exciting beginning of my career. 

Nichole Brady, College of Arts & Sciences
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Ya girl graduated! Btw this was not like Stomp the Yard at all #sorryforthefloodyall

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I want to thank Karen Wills for her endless support throughout my second year of Graduate School. Karen truly treated me as a fellow colleague and not just a supervisee during our times advising undergraduate students. Karen allowed me to challenge students and had confidence in my advising style which allowed me to believe in myself more and more. Karen helped confirm my “why” of working in the student affairs field. I am forever grateful for the time I spent working with Karen and learning from her 20 years of experience in student activities. I hope to be as genuine of a role model as Karen is to the students of UNL. 

Sabrina Guerra, College of Education and Human Sciences
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ya know, graduating from home doesn’t sound so bad. #GoBigGrad #GBR

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6 years (!), 3 schools before coming full circle to graduate from the school that I love so much. To quote President Selina Meyer, "...and there is NOTHING anyone can do to stop me!" #GoBigGrad #GBRTIMFD #GBR

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I’d make the 7,000 mile move for you over and over again. Thank you, Nebraska!!

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Congratulations graduates! I love meeting you as prospective students, working with you as an academic advisor, and seeing all that you achieve as graduates.  Best wishes in all that is yet to come!

Leslie Gonzalez, Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator & Advisor, College of Architecture

As an International Student, having the opportunity to graduate from university of Nebraska Lincoln means the world to me. This has been a long journey to me filled with great memories. 

Sara Albalushi, College of Business
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Peace out UNL, helloooo 1st grade!! So excited to announce that I will have my own class of first graders at Everett Elementary school next year! I am so thankful for all of the love and support throughout my journey at UNL and I can’t wait for all that is ahead.

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