2020 Commencement FAQ

We are adjusting our plans for the December 2020 graduation celebration from an in-person ceremony to online celebration due to COVID-19 concerns. We have created this page to respond to questions we anticipate from our university community. If you have additional questions, please email commencement@unl.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions for December 2020

Will there be a December Commencement Ceremony?

The December 2020 Celebration will be an all-university digital experience on December 19 to include undergraduate, masters, professional and doctoral graduates.

Final details regarding College of Law commencement, which is usually held separately from undergraduate and graduate ceremonies, are pending.

What to expect on December 19 with the Digital Celebration?

On December 19, the University will be hosting “Go Big Grad: A Husker Graduation Celebration” at 9:00 a.m. CST that will be streamed on this website. Graduates and their families are encouraged to view the online celebration. Registration is not required to view. A digital graduation program will be available for download on December 19.

Go Big Grad Personal slide

The university is partnering with MarchingOrder to allow graduates to personalize their own graduation slide that they can share with family, friends and loved ones online and via social media on their special day.

Please note, this personal slide is not part of the digital graduation celebration – this is a separate celebratory component made available for graduates to personalize and share with family and friends.

An email will be sent to December graduates via their huskers.unl.edu account near the end of October. The email will be sent from commencement@unl.edu with information on how to login and get started. A sample of what the personal slide will look like was included in the email.

Graduates will be able to upload a photo and a statement that's personal to them regarding their Nebraska experience. The statement can be a quote that inspired them while working toward their degree, a word of thanks to any family, friends and faculty members that helped them during their journey, or a reflection on their time as a UNL student. Additionally, the completed slide will have an audio file that will “announce” the graduates name upon opening the slide. Within the MarchingOrder login, graduates will be able to provide the correct pronunciation of their name.

Graduates should submit their information by December 6, at 11:59 p.m. CST to provide our partners with the proper amount of time to develop each slide. Slides can be accessed and shared on December 19 at the Commencement website.

What is the All-University Go Big Grad Class of 2020 Celebration box?

A complimentary graduation celebration box will ship direct to all December graduates containing their mortarboard/tassel or tam/tassel depending on their degree.

Since there is not an-person ceremony in December, we hope the contents of this box will help graduates celebrate their special day. Every effort is being made so that graduates receive it before the December 19 celebration. Graduates should login to their MyRED account beginning October 19 and click To Dos in the Student Homepage Message Center in order to fill out the Diploma Distribution form. Graduates will need to supply their mailing address by November 6. This address will be used for both mailing the celebration box and diplomas.

Are we still having Gradfest?

Due to not holding an in-person commencement, there will not be a GradFest this fall. In lieu of Gradfest, the Nebraska Alumni Association (NAA) will be providing a complimentary one-year membership to December 2020 grads. This information will be communicated via email and mail in the coming weeks.

Will my degree be conferred in December?

Yes, all earned degrees will be conferred and made legal on December 19, 2020.

Will I be able to participate in a future ceremony?

Yes, all December 2020 graduates will have the opportunity to participate in a future ceremony and be recognized. We will be collecting information regarding how many December graduates want to attend a future ceremony. Please login to your MyRED account beginning October 19, click To Dos in the Student Homepage Message Center, and fill out the Diploma Distribution form to answer the question about your interest in a future ceremony. The deadline to complete this information is November 6. Once we have a better idea how many will attend, we will be able to make a decision regarding how future ceremonies will be organized.

How will I receive my diploma?

Your degree will be mailed to you after December 19, 2020. Please login to your MyRED account beginning October 19, click To Dos in the Student Homepage Message Center, and fill out the Diploma Distribution form to confirm your mailing address. The deadline to complete this information is November 6.

Will other graduation deadlines be affected?

No, all graduation deadlines will remain the same and must be met in order to be cleared to graduate.

Can I order regalia (graduation robe / stole or hood)?

The University will be supplying graduates a complimentary mortarboard/tassel or tam/tassel depending on the graduate’s degree. This will be shipped in the Go Big Grad Celebration Box for December 2020 graduates.

If graduates want to complete the full regalia experience and order a gown with stole or hood, they may place an order through the Herff Jones website.

Any items ordered through this website will be shipped directly to the graduates from the vendor, Herff Jones. If you have questions about your regalia order, you may email the vendor directly.

Please note, regalia items ordered through the Herff Jones website for undergraduate and master degrees are purchases for the graduates to keep. However, regalia items ordered through their website for doctoral degrees are for rental only and the vendor will supply the graduates with a return box and return information. If you are a doctoral graduate and would like to purchase regalia, please contact the University Bookstore.

Will I get reimbursed for my graduation application fee since there is no in-person commencement ceremony?

The graduation application fee is specific to application processing and does not apply to the commencement ceremony.

What if my plans to graduate have changed?

Contact the Office of the University Registrar, Graduate Studies or the College of Law to communicate that change of plans.

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